Beyond Classrooms at the Frontenac County Schools Museum

What if teachers could move their classes to a museum, an art gallery or a community site for a week to stimulate inquiry-based learning? What if teachers could plan a unique program with the help of professionals who have experience with these kinds of programs and could draw on community members who are able to... Continue Reading →

Steps away from Lake Ontario, I discovered the Museum of Health Care at Kingston

Twice in the last month, I’ve heard music as I approached Newlands Pavilion. Perhaps that’s not surprising given that this attractive wooden building was designed in 1896 as a music pavilion, but it’s nice to know that it is still being used for musical events and dances. It’s a very special part of Kingston’s waterfront,... Continue Reading →

Cloyne Pioneer Museum

By Andrea Gyimah Situated among the abundant lakes of Addington Highlands,  the town of Cloyne, Ontario evokes the nostalgia of its logging past. The donation-run Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives serves as a time machine for those interested in taking a look at the history of the logging and timber industries in Southeastern Ontario. It... Continue Reading →

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