In the Heart of Campus: Exploring Our Sites and Museums (Part One)

Located at the heart of or just outside of the University district, the Kingston Association of Museums (KAM) has seven sites ranging from galleries to geology and so much more. We are sure that there is something for everyone!

In this two part blog series we will take you on a virtual tour of current exhibitions and shamelessly encourage you to explore them all.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre: (613) 533-2190 | University Avenue at Bader Lane

With a wide variety of exhibits on display until April, the Agnes currently has seven exciting exhibitions! Two exhibits of particular interest are Key Works Unlocked: Peel and Suzor-Coté and The hold: studies in the contemporary collection.

Key Works Unlocked explores two paintings, one by Paul Peel and one by Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté. In this unique exhibition visitors are invited to investigate the artistic process of creating art, from start to finish.

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The Hold Studies in the Contemporary Collection is perhaps one of the most unique exhibits housed in the Agnes this term. This interactive exhibit is both inspired by and for the purpose of research and creativity. Designed with students in mind, this exhibition is actually a study space open for the public.

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Miller Museum of Geology: (613) 533-6767 | Miller Hall, Queen’s University, 36 Union St

With an extensive collection of crystals, fossils, gems and minerals, the Miller Museum is sure to capture your attention. Items and exhibits of note include their section on dinosaurs and specifically their exhibit on the Geology of the Kingston Area.

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Union Gallery: (613) 533-3171 | Stauffer Library Building, Queen’s University

This student driven gallery, dedicated to creating and connecting the community and campus, is currently running Striking the line. This unique exhibit explores and investigates the relationships between space and place and the meanings held in both.

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Be sure to drop by on your way through campus, between classes, or if you can, spend the day exploring everything these sites have to offer.



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